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Mike Thompson aka Biscuit Mike
Biscuit Mike

Bake & Bag is your how to guide to wrapping bakery products at home and in small bakeries.

I’m Mike Thompson and In 2017, I started making shortbread biscuits (cookies), to sell at markets, in shops and online. Wrapping the cookies turned out to be the biggest pain and stopped growth and happiness in my business.

By 2020 I had tried every bagging machine on the market and grown my biscuit business to use a flow wrapper, a huge 4 metre long, three phase electric monster, capable of wrapping and sealing 1,000s of biscuits per hour, and it was a torture to use.

Bake & Bag is your free guide to fast tracking your food business to safe, efficient and economical food packaging. I would love to see entrepreneurs like you, make beautiful food and sell it successfully. Bagging your bakes for sale could easily be your biggest challenge to profitability. Hopefully I can save you many hours of research and hundreds, if not thousands of pounds in experimentation, with bagging materials and machinery.

Update: Coming in 2024; I invented a new kind of bagging machine, one that home bakers could use to launch their businesses into retail. Click here for more details.

  • If you’re completely new to the world of food packaging, start here.
  • Feel free to browse the blog and add your hints and tips in the comments for others.
  • Do you have a specific query or need help from other home bakers? Register to join the forum and you’ll receive an email when it’s up and running.
  • I’m building a glossary of terms to help new bakers. If you need help with terminology, just ask.
  • Finally, check out my YouTube channel where I upload videos with tips on packaging and selling your home bakes.