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TIJ / CIJ Printing

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    TIJ is Thermal Inkjet Printing
    CIJ is Continuous Inkjet Printing

    TIJ and CIJ are terms you will see in relation to inline printing, i.e. printing onto products on a moving conveyor, such as a packaging line in a factory.

    You might be familiar with “thermal printers“, like the ones used for printing labels such as Dymo or Zing. These printers heat the surface of thermal paper, to create sharp text and images, ideal for small print.
    Unfortunately they only print in black and cost more than inkjet, you also need the special paper. This is a different technology from Thermal Inkjet but the results are similar.

    Thermal inkjet printer
    Thermal inkjet printer for fast, precise batch coding

    Similar to “Thermal Printers” are “Thermal Inkjet” printers. Instead of carbon particles, they use ink, like a home inkjet printer, but the ink is heated to around 300° C and sprayed onto the printing surface.

    If you’re curious about how home inkjet printers work, click here to see the extraordinary engineering behind piezo inkjet printing.

    Continuous Inkjet Printers are similar to your home inkjet printer, but instead of working inside a specific area, e.g. an A4 page, the print head is positioned over a conveyor, or built into a handheld device.
    They spray their ink onto any surface from up to 10mm away, but the closer they are, the clearer the text and images. The ink is dry within a second or two, making them ideal for small production lines.

    Continuous inkjet printer
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