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Jaw Sealer – 300mm with cutter

300mm (12″) jaw sealer for heat sealing bags and bifold film such as polyethylene (PE).

Jaw sealers seal bags, bi-fold film and allows you to make your own bags, with the lowest cost entry to home packaging.

The 300mm is long enough for most products but 400mm and above are available if you’re consistently packaging bigger packs.

This model has a plastic body, spare Teflon tape and a spare heat wire. The sticky Teflon tape strip covers a heated wire to evenly spread the heat and avoid melting your bag or film.

If you’re going to use bifold film or flat film, you’ll want to consider a roller stand to hold the roll of film in place. Partly it stops the film rolling away, but more importantly it saves your shoulder ligaments from repeated tiny strains, that eventually give you repetitive strain injury, which I found out the hard way. (Some of the big rolls can be 20kg+, which is a lot of weight to pull repeatedly).

The sealer plugs in but only heats when you pull the handle down. To operate, set the timer on the front, pull the handle down, when the light goes out and the machine clicks, slide the cutter through your bag or film and release the handle.

The cutter is great if you have variable sized products and want to trim the top of your bags, or if you’re using a roll of film and need to separate the bagged products from the roll.

This unit is for sale on Amazon and Ebay but I like the returns procedure on Amazon if I get a faulty product. The buy now button will take you to an affiliate Amazon link.



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